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Join the WasteLess Family!

Green Trash Bag
Who We Are

Tired of hard-to-recycle items and donations cluttering your space? WasteLess is your locally owned solution for convenient recycling and reuse. We understand that everyone wants to do the right thing, but it's not always easy. That's why we handle everything from light bulbs and batteries to clothing and more. Join the WasteLess family today and take a simple step towards a greener future!

What We Do

Stop stressing about recycling! WasteLess makes it easy for busy Idahoans to do the right thing.

Simplify your recycling routine and make a difference! WasteLess handles those tricky items like plastic bags, batteries, light bulbs, paint, and chemicals. No more storage hassles or time-consuming drop-offs.

Here's how it works:

  • Labeled bags delivered: We provide everything you need to collect your recyclables.

  • Convenient pickup: We swing by every other week to collect and replace your bags.

  • We do the sorting: Relax, we take care of delivering items to the right places.

  • Enjoy your Saturdays: Reclaim your free time and embrace Idaho's beauty!


Sign up today and take hassle-free action for a greener Idaho!

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Where Does Your Stuff Go?

Recycle and disposal items are taken to local hazardous waste facilities and recycling centers. Reuse/donation items are sorted and delivered to the appropriate community based thrift store or charity. See FAQ for more information.

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