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Treasure Valley Idaho Recycling

Transform Your Recycling Habits with WasteLess

Elevate Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle with the WasteLess Monthly Recycling Subscription Service. We Pickup And Recycle What Those Other Guys Wont!

WasteLess provides a recycling and reuse collection service for items that are prohibited or shouldn’t go in the trash.

WasteLess revolutionizes recycling and reuse in the Treasure Valley, offering a comprehensive collection service that embraces items unfit for traditional disposal—transforming your environmental impact. Join us for a seamless journey towards zero waste, where every item from batteries to dinnerware finds its rightful place, be it recycling, reuse, or donation.


How our Program Works

Simplified Recycling: Receive a WasteLess box and bags to gather everyday items like plastic bags, light bulbs, and fabrics.

Convenient Pick-Ups: Enjoy the ease of bi-weekly collections right from your doorstep, ensuring your contributions are sustainably managed.

Impactful Donations: Partner with us in supporting local charities through your donations, making a tangible difference in the community.

- Unclutter Your Home Or Office Today -

Only $18/mo

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 Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Our Recycling Pickup

We provide you with specially designed bags and a box for the safe storage of your batteries, light bulbs, plastic grocery bags, fabrics and more. Consider these your essentials for recycling!

Every day, you encounter these items, often disposing of them due to the lack of a convenient recycling or reuse option. Our solution not only simplifies the process but also ensures that these everyday items are handled in an environmentally responsible way, giving them a second chance at usefulness instead of ending up in landfills. Join us in making recycling a seamless part of your daily routine, contributing to a cleaner, greener planet.

Easy Pick-ups
from your front door.

Place your bags inside the porch box, and from that point onward, leave the rest to us.


Every two weeks, we'll arrive at your doorstep to ensure that your items are either given a new lease on life in another home, responsibly disposed of, or sent to the appropriate recycling facilities. Our mission is to provide a seamless process for you to declutter your space while ensuring that your belongings are handled with care and consideration for the environment.

Feel Good about #WastingLess

Instead of discarding your old or unwanted items, consider donating them to a good cause!

We've established partnerships with a variety of organizations, allowing your discarded items to find new life with those in need. From clothing and books to electronics and furniture, your donations can make a significant difference.

To make donating as convenient as possible, we've set up a bi-weekly collection service right in your neighborhood. This means that every other week, you have the opportunity to clear out clutter and contribute positively to the community. And if your needs require more frequent pickups, we're flexible—simply reach out to us. Our goal is to support you in supporting others, making the act of giving both easy and impactful. Join us in this effort to reduce waste and help those in need through your generous donations.

Join the WasteLess Revolution

There should be no such thing as waste! Be a Member and get a head start on your Zero Waste Journey.

Just some of the items We Accept:








(see FAQ for list of examples)






















"I am thrilled that a local company cares enough to make sure that the items they collect are being recycled or disposed of in the proper place.  The donation portion of their services is also very important to me, knowing that they partnered with local thrift stores to help the community is a service that I feel is desperately needed."


"My family and I are very excited about WasteLess, I think it is cool that they are keeping batteries and other items out of the landfill where they don't belong, but the donation and volunteer portion of their service is unbelievable.  Knowing that they work with local charities and community organizations to focus on what is needed at that time is amazing."


"Knowing I am doing the right thing with items and not just throwing them in the trash is something we should all focus on.  Being able to sign up for volunteer opportunities for community events is very cool, I know there are many events to participate in and receiving emails on opportunities makes it so easy!"

Join Our Giving Community

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Interested in making a positive impact on your community? WasteLess Recycle is proud to collaborate with various local non-profits, enabling you to donate specific items they need directly through our service. Join us in supporting those making a difference!

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Questions before Moving Ahead?

Contact our Support Team to resolve your issue and questions right away,

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