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WasteLess Recycle: Your Path to a Greener Tomorrow
Recycle More, Waste Less for Just $18 a Month

Why WasteLess? Unlock the full potential of recycling with our comprehensive subscription. For only $18 a month, you can contribute to a sustainable future without the hassle.

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Today's waste, tomorrow's burden: Protect their future by acting now

For Your Future & Theirs

  • Subscription-Based Recycling: Sign up for our monthly service and receive everything you need to start recycling — boxes, bags, and clear instructions.

  • Bi-Weekly Pick-Ups: We come to you, and collect your sorted items right from your doorstep.

  • Community Impact: Items in good condition are donated to local charities, giving back to the community while reducing waste.


329 E 40th St.

Garden City, ID 83714



(208) 402-8375

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